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One of the most important movements of our time has to do with renewable energy. All over the world people are creating biomass energy projects, conserving energy,  developing solar projects, using wind energy. Green jobs are being Created. We support this movement by bringing together many kinds of renewable energy resources on building solar panels, building environmentally sound houses, reusing batteries, using pellet stoves, building wind plants and developing biomass energy projects.  We'll keep updating with new products, services, knowhow resources, articles and information.  Visit our Renewable Energy Resource Center




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To Market Your Kenaf Products You Need A Kenaf Marketing Plan.  Let Dr. Carol Cross Create One For Your Project.

Kenaf In The Ecoparadise of Belize




Technical Assistance For Kenaf Projects

Technical Assistance, Licensing, Knowhow, Joint Ventures, Buy Back Agreements, Export Marketing Development For Field Production and Industrialization of Kenaf.  Kenaf projects include nonwood paper, livestock feed, fuel briquettes, bioremediation products, cosmetics oil, textile fiber, pet and animal litter, potting soil and food products.  Send US$1000 for complete Kenaf  Project Development  Package to  or



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Kenaf - The Fiber That Can Stop The Cutting Of Old Growth Timber.

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Leucaena - The Tropical Tree That Has Multiple Profit Centers
Let's Work Together To Green Our Planet and Halt Global Warming
 We are dedicated to quadrupling food production in the tropics within the next ten years with used tractors, offering  used farm equipment from the USA, becoming the leader in green fiber production of kenaf and support the replanting the world forests for carbon sequestration using Leucaena Become an Environmental Entrepreneur By Recycling and Assembling Agricultural Machinery & Trucks
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The solution to creating a Sustainable Planetary Economy is the development of millions of environmental  businesses. You need to prepare a business plan, develop a marketing plan, create  a website, use social networking by creating a group on Facebook as well as a page on Facebook and other social networks, begin writing a blog, create marketing documents, develop an environmental responsibility program, create an empowerment strategy and put in place a renewable energy program.

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Leucaena is the Multiplier Plant

You Can Profit Producing Leucaena Seeds, Livestock Feed, Wood Products, Charcoal, Fuel Briquettes, Generating Electricity and Multiple Other Uses

Leucaena Has The Potential To Drive Sustainable Development In the Tropics

Leucaena Seeds Are Now Available For Planting This Season. CLICK HERE For Ordering Information. Contact Dr. Cross in the USA at or

US Phone of Dr. Cross  001-786-531-9292 

Leucaena - The Multiplier Tree Is An Ideal Companion For Kenaf for Global Warming, Economic Development and Green Entrepreneurship.  Leucaena is Perfect for Low Tech Livestock Feed.
Contact Dr. Cross in the USA at or
US Phone
Call Dr. Cross at 001-786-531-9292

Welcome To The Leucaena Entry Page

The Profitable Use Of Leucaena

Leucaena leucocephala ("koa haole"-Hawaii; ipil ipil - Phillipines) is a fast-growing, leguminous nitrogen fixing tree that can be used for reforestation, for firewood, and as a forage crop that can equal alfalfa in nutritional value.  Leucaena can be grown for pulp, reforestation and furniture making.  But the most useful thing about Leucaena is its potential for developing a lucrative business for you. 


 There are three basic types of leucaena trees: Hawaiian, Salvador, and Peru. There are also crosses between these. You need to choose the type that best fills your needs. The Hawaiian type is short and bushy. Because its yield of wood and foliage is low compared to the other two types, this would probably be a poor choice. The Salvador type (Hawaiian giant) is tall and tree-like. The trees can grow 60 ft. in height in five years.


The best varieties of this type are K8 (Mexico), K28, K67 and K72. K67 is the best variety for projects that need to produce large quantities of seed. The Peru type is tall with extensive branching. The trees are good for forage. Good varieties are K6 and K62. An excellent forage-type leucaena is the Cunningham (K500) which was developed in Australia. It is a cross between the Salvador and Peru types.

Giant leucaena is a tall arboreal form of the common koa haole of the tropics that is known for its wide adaptability, hardiness, and rapid growth.


Wood yields of the giant leucaena equal or exceed those of other tropical trees and can be the equivalent annually of 30 barrels of oil per acre. In addition, the tree is a legume that produces a marketable co-product, a nutritious, high-nitrogen leaf meal.

In many tropical countries giant leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala) provides a highly economic fuel wood and leaf meal.

Leucaena has the highest quality feed of any tropical legume, and the potential to produce the highest high weight gains. Steers can gain 300 kg of live weight in a year with adequate leucaena, and irrigated leuceana has produced over 1000 kg of LWG per ha per year.


Some of the Benefits of Leucaena

1. Erosion Control. Leucaena trees provide a high canopy and dense cover that will reduce present rates of soil erosion by wind and rain in the sites considered.
Leucaena coppices.  Forest regrowth appears to be too rapid (8 feet in 2 months) for erosion to become serious following coppicing every 4-5 years. The tree farm will act as a much-needed shelter belt on the windy open plains. 

2. Water Quality. Runoff or seepage from established leucaena plantations should be generally comparable to rainwater. No nitrates will be applied, no insecticides or fungicides are proposed, and erosive soil loss should be reduced greatly from that occurring at present. Herbicide use will be confined to the time of establishment, and the proposed herbicides are environmentally safe and lack long-term residue.

3. Soil Quality. Soil quality improves under trees like leucaena, developing excellent tilth, N-and base-status. The deep rooting and leaf drop SPW Ecojustice Centerte a cycle of mineral transfer, notably of Ca, Mg, K and P, from deep within the soil profile to the surface.

4. Air Quality.  The pollen of leucaena has no known allergenic properties and is shed seasonally, rapidly, and at dawn. There are no odors from L. leucocephala flowers; other species have a pleasant odor. Harvest odors should be similar to alfalfa growing in the same region.

5. Esthetics. The rich green color of a leucaena tree farm should generally have a pleasing visual impact anyv here grown, notably in the long dry season.  Air temperatures will be reduced significantly in hot weather, compared to exposed soil areas in the region.

6. Fire Hazard. Fire hazards are virtually nonexistent for green leucaena, a tree recognized as an important fire-retardant species in grassland. Theft is extremely unlikely in leucaena plantations, since there is essentially no local use as food or fuel wood. The forest is an improbable location for production of marijuana or other illegal activities.

7. Fauna and Flora. For the sites considered, the biotic impact of a leucaena farm should be generally salutary. Deer, pheasants, and quail could be encouraged on the plantation once establishment is achieved, although deer can be a serious pest during seedling establishment and after coppicing. Many birds find leucaena trees attractive, although the sites considered host very few indigenous Hawaiian birds. Bees visit the flowers; nothing is known of the honey quality from leucaena.

8. Pests and Diseases. A leucaena farm could benefit environmental quality by reducing pests and diseases of important crop plants.The clearance of grass and other weeds will reduce incidence of viral and fungal pests of corn and vegetable crops and of insects like the pineapple nitidulids.

9. Weed Hazard. Giant leucaenas seed poorly and are unknown as a weed in the world. In this respect, they differ from the common koa haole, which is viewed as a weed by homeowners in Hawaii, and to a lesser extent in sugarcane production. Giant leucaenas produce few seeds, account­ing in part for the high seed cost. They tend to flower annually and dense plantations have a greatly reduced flowering.


Once The Great Forest Covered our Planet. Now through Deforestation It Has been. Trees Are A Key Ally In Our Battle To Lower Carbon and Other Gases In Our Environment.  We Support Planting Multi Use Leucaena In The Tropics.  SPW Ecojustice Center has developed the Leucaena Production Society as it outreach for promoting tree planting worldwide.  The collaboration of SPW Ecojustice Center and LPS is producing a new field of sustainable development called EcoAgroForestry.

Leucaena has many benefits in addition to its uses as livestock feed, fuelwood, energy production, briquettes, and green manure.


 Developing countries need a new crop for driving rural development. We need a way to develop industries in the small towns. Let us take a look at what kind of crop we should select to drive economic development: The selection has to have these parameters:


  • It should be easy to get a project started

  • It should be renewable resource

  • It should be a plant species rather than an animal based project because of the need for regulations in small town against keeping livestock in town

  • It should have multiple uses

  • It should be developable into a business at many levels and from many entry points

  • It should be a product that has a wide many growing marketplace

  • it should be environmentally friendly

  • It should produce a product that is a green product

  • It should be marketable at more that one level for production such as raw material, basic processing, secondary processing, high tech processing

  • There should be many end uses

  • There should ongoing research on production, processing and utilization of the product in our universities

  • It should be possible to process with either small scale, or large scale equipment

  • It should be adaptable to most developing countries and their growing conditions without greenhouses, etc.


Leucaena is a plant that meets many of these parameters. 



Leucaena is excellent for energy farming by producing fuel briquettes as well as gasification and generation of electricity. Leucaena has its origins in Central America and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico where its fodder value was recognised over 400 years ago by the Spanish conquistadores who carried leucaena feed and seed on their galleons to the Philippines to feed their stock (Brewbaker et al. 1985). From there it has spread to most countries of the tropical world where leucaena was used as a shade plant for plantation crops. It was introduced into Australia in the late 19th century and it was naturalised in parts of northern Australia by 1920.


Quick Index To Leucaena Resources


Farmers in tropical countries, just like farmers everywhere, are entrepreneurial. They are risk takers, interested in the future. But farmers don't plant for the future, for them, the future is now. They want a crop that can be profitable now. Leucaena can be the profit center farmers are looking for, this year. Recent research has shown that Leucaena has the capacity to become a major crop for livestock feed in the tropics.

Growing Leucaena for livestock feed is a short-term profit center based on the facts that it can be grazed, green chopped, ensiled, made into dry feeds and form the protein part of compound mixed feed. 


Growing Leucaena is relatively easy.  In the long term, Leucaena has many potential uses for rural Agro-industrial development. Leucaena can add value to Agroresidues such as wheat straw, rice straw, rice hulls, etc.   


Other potential industrial uses for Leucaena include a pellitizing mill, building materials, cloth for clothing and bags, paper pulp, litter, oil absorbent, fertilizer.


Long term industrial developments for Leucaena are being explored by researchers. Farmers can benefit from this research and make plans on how to enter other profit centers based on Leucaena.


Dr. Cross will be developing a Leucaena research project in Belize beginning June 2012..  Contact her at  to participate in this research.


[ ]  Leucaena Consulting

Hourly:  $150

Minimum: $1,500

Projects: From $3,000+



HOW TO GET IN CONTACT WITH the SPW Ecojustice Center

 Contact Dr. Cross at


 Email: or



The people we serve through the SPW Ecojustice Center  come from many walks of life.  We are developing the FitoKenaf Community to Enable Everyone To Participate In The Uses of Kenaf As The Environmental Entrepreneurship Powerhouse. We provide services and products to growers and to Green Investors. We seek to halt global warming through kenaf planting and tree planting for carbon sequestration.  We support agricultural entrepreneurs is creating kenaf projects through seeds, consultancy and training.


At The EcoAgroForestry  Way School Online You Can Learn About Global Warming, Carbon Sequestration, Paying Your Carbon Debt, How To Become An Environmental Entrepreneur, How to Develop a Kenaf Project, Get Support, Heal the Earth and Make a Profit.

We seek to enable indigenous people to create jobs as kenaf and tree planters for our Certified Carbon Sequester Business.  We support firms, individuals and groups who want to develop briquetting business. We seek to assist tropical landowners in developing Kenaf projects and Leucaena plantationsLeucaena is an elegant solution to global warming.

Kenaf Make Excellent Food For People, Livestock Feed, Fiber, Fabric, Paper, Biochar Organic Fertilizer, Shade, Beautification, Automobile Interiors,  Building Materials & Carbon Sequestration


We Are Dedicated To Involving You In The Battle To Regreen our Planet, to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Plant Kenaf To Provide Sustainable Economic Development.  Please Join Us In One Or More Of The Groups Below!


1. The FitoKenaf Community

This is a Facebook group being developed to enable everyone who wants to p participate in the use of kenaf to fight global warming end hunger and cleanse our air an opportunity to learn about kenaf and interact with others to share information.
  The FitoKenaf Community

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2.  KenafProfits, the Yahoo Group


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Kenaf Information and Knowhow Sharing List On Kenaf Growing, Processing, Uses- Post Conferences, Seminars, Tree Free Paper Sources, Livestock Feed Uses, Kenaf projects, Seed Sources, Consultancy and Future Projects, Exchange Ideas With Sustainable Agriculture Community
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3.  Help Us Grow Kenaf To Feed The Hungry Children of Intibucá

Please join me in my Facebook cause to grow kenaf for food for the mountain children of Intibucá. Children there sleep on dirt floors with temperatures in the 30s. They are lucky to get a tortilla with salt to eat. Kenaf could provide food, chicken feed, fish feed and firewood. Please join my cause


Please Join Dr.  Cross In Her Facebook Cause

"Build a Community Project Using Kenaf for Food, Feed and Income for the Mountain Children of Intibucá"

Dr. Cross would like to invite you to participate in her Facebook cause to grow kenaf in the mountains of Intibucá. For over five years Dr. Cross lived among the Lenca Indians with a youth soccer and tree planting project. Now the children are suffering because the chaos in Honduras these past years has destroyed the economy. Intibucá was always the poorest Indian state but now children are dying of starvation and pneumonia. I want to grow kenaf there for food, feed for chickens and fish as well as handicrafts. Please join my cause.

Below are some of the hungry children of Intibucá. Corn makes tortillas which have no protein. Kenaf has up to 30% protein depending on the cultivar. These children pick up discarded plastic items to try to distract themselves from their hunger.


Kenaf and Leucaena - Partners For Sustainable Rural Development


4.  Join The Leucaena Earth Trees Group


This is a community based around the EcoAgroForestry Way School being developed online.

I am Dr. Carol Cross and I believe in the importance of self esteem building  On my Facebook page I regularly post Positive Words.  In addition I have a Facebook Cause, Create World Peace Through Self Esteem Building  I am dedicated to community building based on teaching people how to build personal self esteem as well as self esteem in others.  For that reason I am creating the EcoAgroForesty Way School and Community, online and onsite in in USA. I  would like to invite people who want to change the world for the better, to stop global warming, to create sustainable businesses and to build a sustainable planetary economy.


This school we are creating will be both online and onsite. We are seeking a building to begin our outreach and invite you to come and share with us beginning our certification courses in January 2013.


EcoAgroForestry - the development of sustainable, productive, long term, human-based life maintenance systems. It involves the use of ecologically sound methods of producing crop plants, animals and trees in a production system that uses sustainably appropriate inputs and methods. It includes
composting, biomass energy, solar energy, recycling, polyculture, wind energy, biological pest control, organic farming and gardening methods, aquaculture, water and soil conservation technologies and other appropriate technologies that avoid the use of pesticides, insecticides, and inappropriate technologies.


Join at


Kenaf Home Page  | Kenaf Future Core Page  |   See our Kenaf Fiber Mission Statement 

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We also work with soccer Youth-At-Risk in Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras in tree planting projects through Soccer for Life.

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Contact Dr. Cross at 

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Subscribe to briq the Yahoo Group for entrepreneurs, community groups, farmers, & non profits interested in utilization of Leucaena, kenaf, agricultural and forest residues for manufacturing energy briquettes. Manufacturing energy briquettes will enable developing countries to be energy suppliers. Machinery suppliers, farmers, communities, corporations can develop profitable briquetting projects. Find out how here.
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The next world crisis is electricity and power. Electrical power is the basis of civilization and development. The Trade and Development Energy Renewables Yahoo Groups for those interested in biodiesel, methane generation, biomass energy, wind power, solar power and other renewable, environmentally sound methods of generating power. Make worldwide contacts here.
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Businesses - Become Environmentally Responsble By Sponsoring Tree Planting as a Certified Carbon Sequester Business.

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  • We want to see kenaf reach its great potential. That is why we offer you this opportunity to become a part of our sustainable world. There's nowhere else you can go to get this kind of kenaf project support.



You Are Invited To Become A Community Member of the Kenaf  By Investing In This Project.  You Will Receive Many Benefits From T Shirts To Discounts on Courses and Tours
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Kenaf Seeds Are Now Available For Planting This Season. CLICK HERE For Ordering Information.

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Kenaf Growing In  Central America
Kenaf Experiment

Welcome To Our Kenaf Joint Ventures

Kenaf Flourishing

Proud Of His Kenaf

A Beautiful Kenaf Planting

The  Farmer's Sweat Fertilizes The Crop

A Beautiful Kenaf Field In Flower

Luxuriance Is A Kenaf Field At Its Prime

Resources & EBooks For Environmental Entrepreneurs

Everything You Need To Know To Develop A Lucrative Briquetting Industry In Your Country

Start Your Own Lucrative Kenaf Project In Your Country

Start Your Own Kenaf Project With This Turnkey Kit
This Kit Includes Seeds.

Start Your Own Kenaf Project With This Turnkey Kit
This Kit Includes Seeds

Start Your own Kenaf Project With This Turnkey Kit
This Kit Includes Seeds.

Leucaena Can be Used For Livestock Feed, Fuelwood, Briquettes and fertilizer.  This Kit Includes Seeds.

Everything You Need To Know About Growing and Using Leucaena For Profit Is Here In The Leucaena Production Handbook

Tropical Farmers  - The Need For Food Exports From Your Country Is Growing


Become a Tropical Food Entrepreneur and cash in on markets in the USA, Canada and even China.  Food may be in short supply and you can profit from your own tropical food project.

Leucaena Is A Fast Growing Nitrogen Fixing Tree Perfect For Reforestation


Leucaena Can Be The Basis of A Successful Environmental Business

Starting a Leucaena business can be a good way to develop a environmental business. 

Online Kenaf Course

Here is a comprehensive 11 lesson course covering how to grow kenaf  on either a small or large scale. Emphasis is placed on the how to grow and process.. Growing, harvesting, marketing, storage, pest and diseases as well as a kenaf business development model is offered.  

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