Kenaf and Leucaena - Partners For Sustainable Rural Development

Start Your Kenaf Project On A Small Scale To See How It Grows In Your Area


Kenaf Experiment Kit -  Kenaf seeds, instructions, experiment sheets, membership in Kenaf Experiment Group, many benefits






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Renewable Energy


One of the most important movements of our time has to do with renewable energy. All over the world people are creating biomass energy projects, conserving energy,  developing solar projects, using wind energy. Green jobs are being Created. We support this movement by bringing together many kinds of renewable energy resources on building solar panels, building environmentally sound houses, reusing batteries, using pellet stoves, building wind plants and developing biomass energy projects.  We'll keep updating with new products, services, knowhow resources, articles and information.  Visit our Renewable Energy Resource Center




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Kenaf Marketing Plan

To Market Your Kenaf Products You Need A Kenaf Marketing Plan.  Let Dr. Carol Cross Create One For Your Project.

Kenaf In The Ecoparadise of Belize




Technical Assistance For Kenaf Projects

Technical Assistance, Licensing, Knowhow, Joint Ventures, Buy Back Agreements, Export Marketing Development For Field Production and Industrialization of Kenaf.  Kenaf projects include nonwood paper, livestock feed, fuel briquettes, bioremediation products, cosmetics oil, textile fiber, pet and animal litter, potting soil and food products.  Send US$1000 for complete Kenaf  Project Development  Package to  or



Skype ecofarmer11

Kenaf- The Fiber That Can Stop The Cutting Of Old Growth Timber.

Kenaf FIber
Handmade Kenaf Paper
Kenaf FIeld WIth Seed Pods
Kenaf Hardboard on Handmade Kenaf Paper
Milled Kenaf Core
Raw Kenaf Core
Dried Kenaf Seed Heads
Kenaf Fiber
Kenaf Seeds
Kenaf Board Made From Core

SPW Ecojustice Center - Dedicated to Creating a Sustainable Planetary Economy Through EcoAgroForestry

Let's Work Together To Green Our Planet and Halt Global Warming
The solution to creating a Sustainable Planetary Economy is the development of millions of environmental  businesses. You need to prepare a business plan, develop a marketing plan, create  a website, use social networking by creating a group on Facebook as well as a page on Facebook and other social networks, begin writing a blog, create marketing documents, develop an environmental responsibility program, create an empowerment strategy and put in place a renewable energy program.

If you are doing business in today's environment you need to incorporate your business. Protect yourself and your assets. Don't get sued and lose everything. Incorporation is easy and quick. Why incorporate your business? You can't afford not to! PROTECT your Personal Assets. SAVE on Self-Employment & Taxes. It's quick and easy with The Company Corporation

SPW Ecojustice Center


Dedicated To The Preservation, Protection And Potentiation Of Environmental Justice For All The People, Lifeforms And Ecosystems Of Our World.


 Environmental Entrepreneurship in the Ecoindustries of SPW Ecojustice Center's Program  Is Our Way To Create A Sustainable Planetary Economy Through EcoAgroForestry and the EcoAgroForestry Way Community.  Participate With Us As A Community Member in the FitoKenaf Community.



 Sierra Club

Kenaf is the Environmental Entrepreneurship Powerhouse That Is Sweeping the World of Sustainable Agriculture Worldwide.  Dr Carol Cross, Founder and Presient of SPW Ecojustice Center, is One of the Pioneers of Kenaf. A Vital Component for Developing the Kenaf Entrepreneurial Culture and Creating a Sustainable Planetary Economy is the Development of Machinery for Mechanization of Kenaf.  See Kenaf Being Harvested Below

Corporations and Small Businesses Alike Are Dealing With The Global Workforce.  Tap Into The Power of Diversity Suppliers and Workers With the  Diversity Communication In The Global Workforce - Available As Book and Online Course

Ecojustice is also known as environmental jusice. Wikipedia defines environmental justice:
Environmental justice (EJ) is "the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. In the words of Bunyan Bryant, "Environmental justice is served when people can realize their highest potential.

The SPW Ecojustice Center is dedicated to creating a Sustainable Planetary Economy.  We believe that environmental justice entrepreneurship is a key component of environmental justice.

 Contact Dr. Cross at 


SPW Ecojustice Center


The SPW Ecojustice Center is dedicated to the preservation, protection and potentiation of environmental justice for all the people, lifeforms and ecosystems of our world

Mission Statement

Do You Want to Market Your Environmental Products or Services? Place Your Link In Our SPW Sustainable Development Information Center


Supporting You In Developing Sustainable Businesses and Projects


EcoAgroForestry Is A  Business Concept Driven By The Changes Unfolding In Our World

Before you can create a business or a product/service, you need to know why.  Creating a business is a lot of work.  Why are we developing this Sustainable Systems Program?  There are many answers but the most important is to prepare businesses, individuals, community groups, entrepreneurs in developing countries, women's groups so they survive in the changing world that is facing them.

What Is Sustainable Development?  What is our Sustainability Vision? What is EcoAgroForestry?


Global Warming Is No Longer A Far Fetched Idea


A recent study at Dartmouth University alludes to the possibility of the Greenland Ice Cap melting within 20 years.  What will happens if this scenario plays out?  How will you or your organization cope with this possibility? Hurricane Katrina was a terrible disaster. But what if climate change from excess greenhouse gases changes the equilibrium point of our weather patterns so there are two, maybe three Katrinas?  All in one year. How will your business adjust?  What if the water begins to rise on the seashore? Will you have another place to live in a mountainous area?  What if your suppliers are drowned out?  Will you be in the Global Purchasing Conduit so you can rapidly shift your sourcing?


Change Is Coming.  Will Your Business Or Organization Be Ready To Adapt, Adjust And Even Profit From It?


Understanding and Profiting From Change


 Welcome to the SPW Ecojustice Center Sustainable Systems For A Changing World - Designed To Facilitate Your Profitable Response To Global Change. Our Role Is To Support You and Your Projects In Developing Sustainable Businesses. Tap Into These The SPW Ecojustice Center Programs So You Gain The Skills To Profit From Global Change:


SPW Ecojustic Center's Vital Mission Of Sustainable Economic Development Is Based On Dr. Cross's Discipline Called EcoAgroForestry. EcoAgroForestry Is Designated To Fight Global Warming & Create A Sustainable Planetary Economy By Supporting Environmental Entrepreneurs In the Following Industries:


The Mulltiplier Tree - Leucaena
The Environmental Entrepreneurship Powerhouse  Kenaf

Global Warming and Carbon Sequestration

Healing Through Tourism in the The International Rural Tourism Society


Coming Soon


  • Tropical Food Production and Processing

  •  Intensive and Backyard Food Production

  • Livestock Feed Production

  • Agricultural Equipment and Recycling

  • Fuel Briquetting

  • Sustainable Forestry

  • Aquaponics

  • The Vehicle and Development

  • Solar and Renewable Energy

  • Organic Farming Abono organica

  • Environmental Responsibility Marketing

  • Environmental Exporting

  • Diversity Communication Skills

  • Water Harvesting and Conservation

  • The Dendroenergetics Discipline

  • Sustainable Building

  • Wellness, Healing and Natural Medicines 



Editorial Services

Data Sheets
Data Entry & Data Bases
Direct Mail
Public Relations
Press Releases
Corporate Storytelling
Writing For Export Marketing
Power Point Presentations
Sales & Marketing Copy
Copywriting & Ghostwriting
Spanish Translation & Output
Editorial Assistance For Writers

Website Services

Website Texts
Website Design
Animated Gifs
Web Site Applications
Digital Conversion
Discussion Boards, Social Networking & Yahoo Groups

Business & Marketing Services

Business Startup Service
Business Incorporation
Business Plans
Working plans
Marketing Plans
Plan Writing
Plan Review
Plan Guidance
Marketing Plans
Working Plans
Marketing To Africa Through Soccer
Marketing To AfroHeritage America
Marketing To HispanSPW Ecojustice Center Through Soccer
Search Engine Marketing
Internet Marketing Programs
18 Marketing Ways Of Customer Bonding Workshops
Marketing To Central America
Marketing To South Florida Immigrant Buyers
Marketing To The USA for Asian Exporters

Online Consultancy



  • Seed sourcing
  • Plantation Services
  • Consulting
  • Project Development
  • Feasibility Studies




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Businesses - Become Environmentally Responsble By Sponsoring Tree Planting as a Certified Carbon Sequester Business.

Show the World You Care About the Environment.  Get Your Environmental Products At the Carbon Footprint Mall

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  • Kenaf Starter Kit

  • Kenaf Growers Kit

  • Kenaf Farmers Kit 

  • We want to see kenaf reach its great potential. That is why we offer you this opportunity to become a part of our sustainable world. There's nowhere else you can go to get this kind of kenaf project support.



You Are Invited To Become A Community Member of the Kenaf  By Investing In This Project.  You Will Receive Many Benefits From T Shirts To Discounts on Courses and Tours
Join the Kenaf Community

Kenaf Future Core Page  |   See our Kenaf FIber Mission Statement   |   What Is The Kenaf Fiber Vision of IRTS?  |  Kenaf Fiber Products  |  Kenaf Fiber & Cement Board | Kenaf Seeds
Kenaf Seeds Are Now Available For Planting This Season. CLICK HERE For Ordering Information.

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Kenaf Growing In  Central America
Kenaf Experiment

Welcome To Our Kenaf Joint Ventures

Kenaf Flourishing

Proud Of His Kenaf

A Beautiful Kenaf Planting

The  Farmer's Sweat Fertilizes The Crop

A Beautiful Kenaf Field In Flower

Luxuriance Is A Kenaf Field At Its Prime

Resources & EBooks For Environmental Entrepreneurs

Everything You Need To Know To Develop A Lucrative Briquetting Industry In Your Country

Start Your Own Lucrative Kenaf Project In Your Country

Start Your Own Kenaf Project With This Turnkey Kit
This Kit Includes Seeds.

Start Your Own Kenaf Project With This Turnkey Kit
This Kit Includes Seeds

Start Your own Kenaf Project With This Turnkey Kit
This Kit Includes Seeds.

Leucaena Can be Used For Livestock Feed, Fuelwood, Briquettes and fertilizer.  This Kit Includes Seeds.

Everything You Need To Know About Growing and Using Leucaena For Profit Is Here In The Leucaena Production Handbook

Tropical Farmers  - The Need For Food Exports From Your Country Is Growing


Become a Tropical Food Entrepreneur and cash in on markets in the USA, Canada and even China.  Food may be in short supply and you can profit from your own tropical food project.

Leucaena Is A Fast Growing Nitrogen Fixing Tree Perfect For Reforestation


Leucaena Can Be The Basis of A Successful Environmental Business

Starting a Leucaena business can be a good way to develop a environmental business. 

Online Kenaf Course

Here is a comprehensive 11 lesson course covering how to grow kenaf  on either a small or large scale. Emphasis is placed on the how to grow and process.. Growing, harvesting, marketing, storage, pest and diseases as well as a kenaf business development model is offered.  

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