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Start Your Kenaf Project On A Small Scale To See How It Grows In Your Area


Kenaf Experiment Kit -  Kenaf seeds, instructions, experiment sheets, membership in Kenaf Experiment Group, many benefits






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Renewable Energy


One of the most important movements of our time has to do with renewable energy. All over the world people are creating biomass energy projects, conserving energy,  developing solar projects, using wind energy. Green jobs are being Created. We support this movement by bringing together many kinds of renewable energy resources on building solar panels, building environmentally sound houses, reusing batteries, using pellet stoves, building wind plants and developing biomass energy projects.  We'll keep updating with new products, services, knowhow resources, articles and information.  Visit our Renewable Energy Resource Center




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Kenaf Marketing Plan

To Market Your Kenaf Products You Need A Kenaf Marketing Plan.  Let Dr. Carol Cross Create One For Your Project.

Kenaf In The Ecoparadise of Belize




Technical Assistance For Kenaf Projects

Technical Assistance, Licensing, Knowhow, Joint Ventures, Buy Back Agreements, Export Marketing Development For Field Production and Industrialization of Kenaf.  Kenaf projects include nonwood paper, livestock feed, fuel briquettes, bioremediation products, cosmetics oil, textile fiber, pet and animal litter, potting soil and food products.  Send US$1000 for complete Kenaf  Project Development  Package to  or



Skype ecofarmer11

Kenaf- The Fiber That Can Stop The Cutting Of Old Growth Timber.

Kenaf FIber
Handmade Kenaf Paper
Kenaf FIeld WIth Seed Pods
Kenaf Hardboard on Handmade Kenaf Paper
Milled Kenaf Core
Raw Kenaf Core
Dried Kenaf Seed Heads
Kenaf Fiber
Kenaf Seeds
Kenaf Board Made From Core

Let's Work Together To Green Our Planet and Halt Global Warming
The solution to creating a Sustainable Planetary Economy is the development of millions of environmental  businesses. You need to prepare a business plan, develop a marketing plan, create  a website, use social networking by creating a group on Facebook as well as a page on Facebook and other social networks, begin writing a blog, create marketing documents, develop an environmental responsibility program, create an empowerment strategy and put in place a renewable energy program.

If you are doing business in today's environment you need to incorporate your business. Protect yourself and your assets. Don't get sued and lose everything. Incorporation is easy and quick. Why incorporate your business? You can't afford not to! PROTECT your Personal Assets. SAVE on Self-Employment & Taxes. It's quick and easy with The Company Corporation


The FitoKenaf Community  - Visit Us on Facebook Also Join the Kenaf Community Group

Kenaf Seeds

Food For People, Livestock Feed, Fiber, Fabric, Paper, Biochar Organic Fertilizer & Carbon Sequestration

Kenaf For Entrepreneurship - Kenaf Make Excellent Food For People, Livestock Feed, Fiber, Fabric, Paper, Biochar Organic Fertilizer, Automobile Interiors,  Building Materials & Carbon Sequestration

I Acre of Kenaf Sequesters As Much Carbon Dioxide As 8 Acres of Fast Growing Pine Trees

Grow Kenaf Seeds Through The Certified Kenaf Producers Project

Your Profit Potential - Invest $4500 – Projected minimum Return - $33,000

We will give you information you can present to your government to enter your project into the Clean Development Mechanism to get reimbursed for your environmental value
Remember - You save enough seeds to plant again and sell the seeds to us next season
To Develop Your Environmental Business You Need Many Resources.   We Have Put Together A Group of Resources to Help you Learn More About Carbon Sequestration, Global Warming, Climate Change and Ecofriendly Lifestyle. They're all Found Here In the Amazon Kenaf Environmental Entrepreneurship Powerhouse Center
US Phone of Dr. Cross  001-305-984-3291
Leucaena - The Multiplier Tree Is An Ideal Companion For Kenaf for Global Warming, Economic Development and Green Entrepreneurship.  Leucaena is Perfect for Low Tech Livestock Feed.
Contact Dr. Cross in the USA at or
US Phone of Dr. Cross   001-305-984-3291

Kenaf Seeds

If You Need Large Quantities of Seeds, We Can Grow Kenaf Seeds For Your Group on Contract At A Lower Price!

According to the Japanese, who wish to buy 100 million dollars annually of kenaf for making NONWOOD PAPER, kenaf is the "Ginzu Knife" of sustainable agriculture. Recently a 140 million dollar project growing kenaf for export to a US paper mill was started in China. Kenaf is on the verge of reaching its great destiny. The key factor, the key limiting factor is the availability of kenaf seeds. Where can you get the seeds you need to test in your areas?


Kenaf seeds are difficult to purchase in small quantities. Most companies demand that you have a seed growing contract before you can purchase seeds. In order for kenaf to reach its great potential, seeds of kenaf must be readily available in small quantities for experimentation. In addition larger quantities must also be made available.


The Leucaena Production Society is growing kenaf seeds. We intend to test many varieties as well as working with associates in Africa and Asia to collect and test different cultivars. We also intend to contact local community groups who grow kenaf for rope and other local uses to test the local germplasm.

Here at the LPS YOU GET the kenaf seeds for your planting right now. Get your kenaf seeds here.

Planting Kenaf Seeds

Kenaf seeds can be broadcast, drilled in

a seed planter or planted by hand. Before planting kenaf, have your soil tested. Normally on sandy loam of average fertility, kenaf should have at least 100 pounds per acre of nitrogen fertilizer. For maximum foliage and biomass yield, kenaf can have 300 lb. per acre of fertilizer placed.

And excellent way to get the nitrogen fertilizers in kenaf is to grow a nitrogen fixing crop like leucaena and chop it and place in the soil. Animal manure from a kenaf cut and carry project will be excellent to place on the kenaf field.

Kenaf should be planted at the beginning of the rainy season to get the good rains early in its development. Kenaf need to get a good start to reach its maximum productivity. That means enough moisture and enough soil fertility. Kenaf can be cultivated by hand weeding, hoes and or tractor cultivator.

September 2012  New prices - With increase in gas prices the cost of seed production has skyrocketed.  Order Your Seeds here by printing this order blank and  extending to the Total Cost column:  New lower prices for kenaf seed purchase for next year is listed in the below table:



Number Of Pounds of Kenaf Seed

Cost Per Pound

Cost Per Acre

5-8 Pounds Seed (US$)

Cost Per Hectare

12-18 Pound Of Seed(US$)

8-10 US$12.50 62.50-100.00 150-225
11-50 US$12 60-96 144- 216
51-100 US$11.50 57.50-92 138-207
101-500 US$11 55-88 121-198
501-1000 US$10.50 52.50-84 126 - 189
*1000-2500 US$10 50-80 120 - 180
*2501-5000 US$9.50 47.50-76 114-171
*Above 5000 US$9
45-72 108- 162

Seeds grown on demand.  Must place order in advance for seeds being grown in Central America.   Pay 40 percent of the cost when ordering. This is a nonrefundable down payment to plant the acreage necessary to produce the seeds. (It is nonrefundable because I will have to set aside the acreage for planting kenaf and will thereby lose the use of the land for the year for other crops.) An additional 40% will be due at harvest. The final 20% is due on date of shipment.

I am assuming your group will want Whitten kenaf seed as that variety seems to be the highest fiber yielder.


Order kenaf seeds today by emailing Dr. Carol Cross at or call to 001-305-984-3291
 for immediate service.  Kenaf seed buyers can make direct bank transfers into our account in order to purchase seeds. More information on kenaf at


You may contact Dr. Cross for kenaf seeds immediately through facebook at



Shipping Costs: Example of Shipping Cost of 10 lbs of Kenaf Seed to Be Shipped To Madagascar

Delivery Type

Delivery Time


Global Express GuaranteedŽ Document Service 2 - 3 Days $223.00
Global Express GuaranteedŽ Non-Document Service 2 - 3 Days $218.00
Global Express Mail™ 3 - 5 Days $125.50
Airmail Parcel Post 4-10 Days $88.50
Economy (Surface) Parcel Post 4 - 6 Weeks $75.85

*Designed to be delivered in the number of business days specified for each service depending on origin and destination.

Become a Licensed Kenaf Seed Grower

We need growers in mountain areas to grow these seeds.  Find out how you can develop a lucrative business in your country growing the kenaf seeds on a contract basis.

 Email us at

Consulting firm seeks 1,000,000 pounds

Here is a recent email I received

To whom it may concern,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Consultant and my consulting firm is currently working on several large projects in China including high tech manufacturing, environmental remediation, power production, and agricultural.

I am closely affiliated with one of the partners of a Chinese venture group that is currently in the process of securing up to 1 million acres in several provinces for the purposes of growing and processing Kenaf.

The project is a joint venture between the private group and Chinese government offices in the respective provinces.

The purpose of this email is to begin the process of sourcing the initial 500K - 1 million lbs of seeds (of various varieties) necessary for the first phase of the project. Once available quantities and supply capabilities have been established, the group is prepared to enter into a contract for purchase according to agreed upon terms.

The venture group is also interested in securing an exclusive supply contract to China upon confirmation of bona fides and confidences between both parties.

I can provide timelines and other pertinent information once I have received a response from your company.

I await your reply.

Respectfully yours,



Become a Certified Kenaf Seed Producer and cash in on the Chinese kenaf initiative.

Trade and Development Yahoo Groups Provide Contacts For Your International Trade Business

HOW TO GET IN CONTACT WITH the SPW Ecojustice Center


Contact Dr. Cross at  


 Email: or

We Must Feed Hungry People at The Same Time We Protect the Environment

Nearly 1 billion people are malnourished, and a child dies of hunger every 11 seconds. By 2050, farmers would have to double crop production to meet the demand. Agricultural mechanization is the answer. Sustainable mechanization using recycled machinery from the US and small scale machinery and processing systems from worldwide sources.

Yes -  machinery is the answer. We want to help developing countries get access to appropriate mechanization. Supplying used agricultural machinery as well as animal powered machinery from the US is part of the solution. We want to help manufacturers in countries like China, India and other countries market their small scale equipment. But just selling machinery to the countries that need it can cause problems we cannot afford.  We thus need to teach sustainable farming methods and supply social capital in the form of agricultural mechanization facilitation.


We support sustainable development. Through our programs we offer consulting services machinery suppliers can pass through to their customers. Or machinery suppliers can refer their customers to us and we will provide them with information and resources so they can combine equipment and machinery with methods that preserve the environment.


For example we can support them by helping them learn intercropping. We can support the elegant solution to global warming—growing Leucaena We can introduce them to the growing of more environmentally sound crops like kenaf. We can support them by teaching water harvesting and conservation systems as part of equipment sales. We are developing the Agricultural Mechanization Facilitation program to provide trained social capital providers to farmers and entrepreneurs.


Our goal is no less the quadrupling of food production over the next 20 years in a sustainable manner.


Need More Information About Tropical Food?


More information on Tropical Food is available to you from  Our Tropical Food web site is Food_entry.htm. Food_entry.htm Email us at 


Return to Tropical Food Page


I am a tree hugger, an environmentalist and a world changer. I want to connect with people who care about our planet, want to build self esteem and make our world more caring and loving.

I am actively involved in planting trees. My project in Haiti is called The Haiti Youth Reforestation & Community Development Project to replant deforested hillsides in Haiti with children.

The Haiti Youth Reforestation & Community Development Project

A project of the children of Haiti to plant trees on the hillsides of their community to prevent more mudslides and flooding in their community

The Future of Haiti Depends Upon the Reforestation of its  Hillsides.  The Reforestation of the Hillsides Depends Upon the Children. The Children of Haiti Depend Upon You To Help Them Replant their Country and Prevent More Flooding & Loss of Life.


The Importance of Gratitiude for our Wonderful Planet, Our Families, Our Homes and All That We Have in Our Lives

Our goal is to empower these youth through sponsored tree planting and build them into youth entrepreneurs. We hope to develop reforestation tourism and teach these youth to be tour facilitators.   Our goal is ultimately to build rural hostels that are hosted by our youth who are taught courtesy and gratitude.  I invite you to visit my Gratitude YouTube at


Gratitude based busineses are the new wave for success and I invite you to learn how you can develop this powerful method of business building. You are invited to join the International Gratitude Empowerment Insitute for courses, programs, seminars and products.  You may see our "Building Your Business Through Gratitude" You Tube at!.  You can find products for marketing your business through gratitude at the  Gratitude Empowerment Shop


The people we serve through the SPW Ecojustice Center  come from many walks of life.  We are developing the FitoKenaf Community to Enable Everyone To Participate In The Uses of Kenaf As The Environmental Entrepreneurship Powerhouse. We provide services and products to growers and to Green Investors. We seek to halt global warming through kenaf planting and tree planting for carbon sequestration.  We support agricultural entrepreneurs is creating kenaf projects through seeds, consultancy and training.


SPW Offers A Wide Variety of Business Development Programs, Seminars and Projects


1. The FitoKenaf Community

This is a Facebook group being developed to enable everyone who wants to p participate in the use of kenaf to fight global warming end hunger and cleanse our air an opportunity to learn about kenaf and interact with others to share information.
  The FitoKenaf Community

Promote Your Page Too

2.  KenafProfits, the Yahoo Group


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Kenaf Information and Knowhow Sharing List On Kenaf Growing, Processing, Uses- Post Conferences, Seminars, Tree Free Paper Sources, Livestock Feed Uses, Kenaf projects, Seed Sources, Consultancy and Future Projects, Exchange Ideas With Sustainable Agriculture Community
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Kenaf and Leucaena - Partners For Sustainable Rural Development


4.  Join The Leucaena Earth Trees Group


This is a community based around the EcoAgroForestry Way School being developed online.

I am Dr. Carol Cross and I believe in the importance of self esteem building  On my Facebook page I regularly post Positive Words.  In addition I have a Facebook Cause, Create World Peace Through Self Esteem Building  I am dedicated to community building based on teaching people how to build personal self esteem as well as self esteem in others.  For that reason I am creating the EcoAgroForesty Way School and Community, online and onsite in the USA. I  would like to invite people who want to change the world for the better, to stop global warming, to create sustainable businesses and to build a sustainable planetary economy.


This school will teach the SPW core premise of Gratitude.  We should all be greateful for our beautiful planet, incredibly perfect environment on our planet. For our air, water (scarce in the universe) and all the other ambiences we take for granted.  You may see my gratitude Youtube at

This school we are creating will be both online and onsite. We are seeking a building to begin our outreach and invite you to come and share with us beginning our certification courses in January 2014.


EcoAgroForestry - the development of sustainable, productive, long term, human-based life maintenance systems. It involves the use of ecologically sound methods of producing crop plants, animals and trees in a production system that uses sustainably appropriate inputs and methods. It includes
composting, biomass energy, solar energy, recycling, polyculture, wind energy, biological pest control, organic farming and gardening methods, aquaculture, water and soil conservation technologies and other appropriate technologies that avoid the use of pesticides, insecticides, and inappropriate technologies.


Join at


Kenaf Home Page  | Kenaf Future Core Page  |   See our Kenaf Fiber Mission Statement 

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Other Emails or Ways To Contact or

Contact Dr. Cross at 

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Skype  solarentrep
US Phone
Subscribe to briq the Yahoo Group for entrepreneurs, community groups, farmers, & non profits interested in utilization of Leucaena, kenaf, agricultural and forest residues for manufacturing energy briquettes. Manufacturing energy briquettes will enable developing countries to be energy suppliers. Machinery suppliers, farmers, communities, corporations can develop profitable briquetting projects. Find out how here.
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The next world crisis is electricity and power. Electrical power is the basis of civilization and development. The Trade and Development Energy Renewables Yahoo Groups for those interested in biodiesel, methane generation, biomass energy, wind power, solar power and other renewable, environmentally sound methods of generating power. Make worldwide contacts here.
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Online Kenaf Course - Kenaf Growing, Processing and Marketing


The Wide Open World Of Kenaf Based Economic Development Awaits You

You Can create Your Own Kenaf Future!

Kenaf Business Working Plan

To Develop Your Kenaf Project You Need A Working Plan.  Let Dr. Carol Cross create One For Your Project.

Make Your Kenaf Project A Success From The Beginning By Developing It With A Working Plan Designed For Your Land, Your Resources & Your Goals.  Or Get Kenaf Starter Kit Now!



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Businesses - Become Environmentally Responsble By Sponsoring Tree Planting as a Certified Carbon Sequester Business.

Show the World You Care About the Environment.
Get Your Environmental Products At the Carbon Footprint Mall

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  • Kenaf Starter Kit

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  • Kenaf Farmers Kit 

  • We want to see kenaf reach its great potential. That is why we offer you this opportunity to become a part of our sustainable world. There's nowhere else you can go to get this kind of kenaf project support.



You Are Invited To Become A Community Member of the Kenaf  By Investing In This Project.  You Will Receive Many Benefits From T Shirts To Discounts on Courses and Tours
Join the Kenaf Community

Kenaf Future Core Page  |   See our Kenaf FIber Mission Statement   |   What Is The Kenaf Fiber Vision of IRTS?  |  Kenaf Fiber Products  |  Kenaf Fiber & Cement Board | Kenaf Seeds
Kenaf Seeds Are Now Available For Planting This Season. CLICK HERE For Ordering Information.

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Kenaf Growing In  Central America
Kenaf Experiment

Welcome To Our Kenaf Joint Ventures

Kenaf Flourishing

Proud Of His Kenaf

A Beautiful Kenaf Planting

The  Farmer's Sweat Fertilizes The Crop

A Beautiful Kenaf Field In Flower

Luxuriance Is A Kenaf Field At Its Prime

Resources & EBooks For Environmental Entrepreneurs

Everything You Need To Know To Develop A Lucrative Briquetting Industry In Your Country

Start Your Own Lucrative Kenaf Project In Your Country

Start Your Own Kenaf Project With This Turnkey Kit
This Kit Includes Seeds.

Start Your Own Kenaf Project With This Turnkey Kit
This Kit Includes Seeds

Start Your own Kenaf Project With This Turnkey Kit
This Kit Includes Seeds.

Leucaena Can be Used For Livestock Feed, Fuelwood, Briquettes and fertilizer.  This Kit Includes Seeds.

Everything You Need To Know About Growing and Using Leucaena For Profit Is Here In The Leucaena Production Handbook

Tropical Farmers  - The Need For Food Exports From Your Country Is Growing


Become a Tropical Food Entrepreneur and cash in on markets in the USA, Canada and even China.  Food may be in short supply and you can profit from your own tropical food project.

Leucaena Is A Fast Growing Nitrogen Fixing Tree Perfect For Reforestation


Leucaena Can Be The Basis of A Successful Environmental Business

Starting a Leucaena business can be a good way to develop a environmental business. 

Online Kenaf Course

Here is a comprehensive 11 lesson course covering how to grow kenaf  on either a small or large scale. Emphasis is placed on the how to grow and process.. Growing, harvesting, marketing, storage, pest and diseases as well as a kenaf business development model is offered.  

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 Blue Revolution. Water Filters
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 Bottled Water is Not Better than Tap Water
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